[Music Videos] Lily Bee – Live Performances at Boston College

“Dream a Little Dream of Me” — Cover

Lily Bee performed an incredible set at Boston College for the Vietnamese Student Association on December 3rd, 2011. She played a few classic covers, including one of my favorites (Pure Imagination.. yeah, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory song!) as well as a whole slew of originals. This first song of the set is Lily’s rendition of “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

“I Wouldn’t Mind” — Original

Lily is a wonderful friend of mine, and making the trip up to Boston (from NYC) was hardly a chore. I was with another one of my best friends, Alberto, and we had a blast making jokes and listening to music the entire drive. We almost died, thanks to some impeccable humor between the two of us. *stomp, stomp, stomp*” Anyway, this second song is Lily’s original song, “I Wouldn’t Mind.”

“They Don’t Make ’em Like You” — Original

So the weekend was really fun. We roamed around the city a bit, ate at my favorite breakfast joint up on the North End, called “Theo’s Cozy Corner,” and just had a really good time—full of laughs. This was the third song of her set, and is another original, “They Don’t Make ’em Like You,” which I swear is a song about me.

“Where the Meanings Are” — Original

After breakfast brunch, we went to this really incredible bookstore called Brattle Book Shop which has a ridiculous selection of used, antique, and even ancient books (really, REALLY old stuff up on the top floor). We spent a good amount of time in there just checking out the crazy old books, I didn’t buy anything this time around, though… Oh yeah, so here is the fourth song from Lily’s set, “Where the Meanings Are,” which is an astonishingly beautiful song… here, see for yourself:

“Sunday Morning & Sunday Kind of Love Mashup” — Cover

After the book shop, we pretty much just took a stroll through the park. We saw a super-fat squirrel just chillin’ by a tree. He even posed for a few pictures. These two are the sixth song(s?) from Lily’s set, “Sunday Morning” and “Sunday Kind of Love.” Unfortunately, I did not record the fifth song of the set, which was Lily’s album‘s titular track, “Daydream at Midnight.” Luckily, though, someone else has it on video (from a different set, earlier this year).

“Days Like These” — Original

After our walk through the park, Lily had to get back to her aunt’s house before heading over to Boston College to set up for the show. We ended our walk in the park at a big gazebo kinda thing before going back to the subway, and we were going to take some photos inside it, but there were some hooligan teens goofing off, so we took a few pictures next to it, instead. This is the seventh song from Lily’s set, “Days Like These.”

“Fly Me to the Moon” — Cover

So we headed back to Boston College and got ready to go to the show… We packed up all the stuff in the car, unloaded everything at the venue, and I set up the cameras (yes, plural) for epic video footage… Then they turned the lights WAY down… and the other camera didn’t have a fast enough lens! That’s when I set up my Nikon D3100 on the tripod with my 50mm f/1.4 lens for most of the video (and my 28mm f/2.8 for some of them, too, just to mix it up a bit), and used my friend’s Canon T2i for walk-around flash photography.. I didn’t take many pictures, though, so a few songs in, Yanyi took over the Canon for me. My lovely partner-in-crime for the night, and she took some pretty nice shots! Take a look at her photos here! I will definitely be having her work with me in the future, but hopefully with another Nikon body…! This is the eighth song from Lily’s set, a fantastically beautiful cover of “Fly Me to the Moon,” made famous by Frank Sinatra (but not written by him!).

“The Way You Look Tonight” — Cover

So Yanyi was going around taking photos for me during the set (which of course, you would have seen if you were watching the other videos.. all those flashes of light you see? Yup, that’s her… haha!), I did take a few photos during the fifth song of the set, which, as mentioned above, was “Daydream at Midnight.” I haven’t even gone through my photos, yet, and will probably add them to the gallery of shots I’ll be taking from Lily’s upcoming East Coast tour in April. Here are the beautiful* photos from the meet and greet, though. This is the ninth song from Lily’s set, her lovely cover of “The Way You Look Tonight.”

* – Watch out, there are some photos of me in there, too!!

“Home” — Original

Opening for Lily this night was a guy named Will Gerhardt on the piano, who was just incredible. Everyone in the Vietnamese Student Association at Boston College was very nice, and overly accommodating! They also made the night move very smoothly, and served as really funny MCs for the night. This is the tenth song from Lily’s set (yeah, as you can see, it was a pretty long set…), the beautiful “Home.”

“Senior Letter” — Original

*No words* sorry… Here is the eleventh song, “Senior Letter,” which happens to be my favorite song of hers… I don’t really know why… It just really gets at me.

“Pure Imagination” — Cover

This is the thirteenth song from Lily’s set. If you’ll notice, I did not upload the twelfth song, either… that’s because I’m an idiot, and the song was “Jingle Bells,” which I should have uploaded, oh, you know, FIRST… since this show took place a few weeks before Christmas… but now it is January 1, 2012, and I’d feel like a moron for uploading a Jingle Bells video… Maybe I’ll save it for next year… ANYWAY!! This song is one of my favorite songs ever written, and it brings me back to my childhood, which I don’t remember very much of, so that is pretty impressive to me. And Lily smashes this cover out of the park for a metaphorical grand slam, and I think it’s a fantastic way to end a set. The beautiful Lily Bee closing her set with “Pure Imagination.” Enjoy!

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