[Article, Music Videos] Clara C, New Heights, Mree – Shakin’ Off Silence Tour 2011

Highline Ballroom, NYC — The Last Stop

Photos to come in a separate gallery post! Stay tuned!

This weekend, I had the incredible pleasure of attending Clara C‘s show at the Highline Ballroom. There’s a long story involved as to why I am such a failure and forgot to bring the equipment necessary to record HD audio, but I will spare you from that, here.. What’s important is that Mree, New Heights, and Clara all performed amazingly, and were as beautiful (and handsome, I guess) as they always are. Little Cam Jansen (my baby Nikon D3100) may never photograph anything quite like it again, unless I can manage to catch the three groups together again.

The night opened up with the guys from the Jubilee Project being the masters of ceremonies. These guys are wonderful, and they create inspiring videos for great causes. They even have sponsors who donate money to those causes based on the amount of views they receive on their videos on YouTube! Please check them out. I personally guarantee that some of these videos will make you laugh, cry, or just really make you feel like you want to get out there and do something to help… The good news is that you ARE helping, just by enjoying those videos! I recommend checking out the video benefiting the American Society for Deaf Children (also embedded below). So beautiful.

So the first act up was the dance group “The Wanted Ashiqz” who did an incredible dance routine to a mashup of a whole manner of different songs. They are the winners of the Kollaboration NYC competition and as promised by Clara, the winners would perform the opening of her NYC show. Now, I’m not really into dance, but these guys were something else! Unfortunately, they were on as my friends and I were eating, so Jansen didn’t get a chance to see them.

Marie “Mree” Hsiao

Below is the one, singular, lone video of Marie “Mree” Hsiao that I shot at the Highline Ballroom as she opened for Clara, that night. I express much dismay at not being able to record more.. and also for not having all of my equipment with me to record properly… Unfortunately due to lighting, my position, and my lack of equipment, I shot this video with my 28mm prime. I should have moved to a different spot and used a different lens.. but.. next time, I guess! Anyway, Mree blew away the crowd. I don’t think anyone expected such a brilliant performance from someone who had just recently turned 18 years old, unless they had seen her perform prior to this night. I certainly didn’t expect it. Adele, eat your heart out, ’cause this girl has a MUCH more beautiful voice… (:

New Heights

It’s truly hard to express in writing just how much I love New Heights. Their new music video, “Take Me On,” blew me away when it was released, and not just because Clara Chung kicks major butt and shoots lots of guns. Musically, the band is a well-oiled machine, and they all work as one unit, while keeping themselves distinctly different components. Travis Graham (vocals, guitar) is just incredible in every performance. The band is entirely composed of great people, and each one had a big smile for every person they met that night. I was impressed not just by their performance, but by their realness after the show. I have long known them to be great musicians, but they really let love shine through them in their personalities. If you ever get the chance to see these gentlemen at a show, I strongly suggest you go out of your way to do so. Embedded below is my video of New Heights performing with Clara C for the collab “Wake Up in Neverland.” One of my favorite songs.

Clara Chung

We all know this is the part of the review you were really looking forward to… Clara Chung. Equal parts talent, beauty, and love, which is made apparent by listening to her perform, meeting her, and talking to her. She’s incredibly down to Earth, and very humble when it comes to her performance. To give you a little background.. Clara was time and again told to not pursue music… Whoever told her that must be really embarrassed, today, as Clara has gone on multiple tours, and performed in a variety of major venues across the USA, and is now preparing to tour Southeast Asia. This is my first time getting to meet Clara, though not my first time seeing her perform. I saw her last year (Dec 2010) at Rockdrive 2010 at the Troubadour in LA along with a bucket load of other great musicians, including Lady Danville and Hope. She looked incredibly busy after her performance that night, so I didn’t try to bother her to get a word. I later found out that she was indeed flying out that night (aside: so was Dan of Lady Danville, actually, for an unrelated reason…!) In any case… I had been looking forward to this show for MONTHS, and it was every little bit of awesome that I expected it to be, however, it would have been more awesome if I had all of my equipment with me, as well as my point-and-shoot cam so my friends could take good pictures of me with all of the artists… They all came out terrible! d: Below is my video of Clara performing “Eventually”… including a little awkwardness! lol… …problem, Clara? *trollface* C:<

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